Family Genealogy
Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Moses Parker was my third great grand uncle in law. He was married to Ruth Ann Young, a sister of my ggg-grandfather John S. Young. Moses and John evidently were very close. In the 1860 census Moses and Ruth Ann were living next door to John and his family in Tipton, Indiana. John owned the lot that Moses was living on. In 1861 John sold the lots and John and Moses together bought a small farm outside of Tipton and they most likely traveled together when they went to Iowa. In Polk County, Iowa their farms were close to each other. If you look at the picture, in the part that is framed, you will notice that Moses was a member of the Freemasons and Odd Fellows. I am guessing that if Moses belonged to these two groups there is a good chance that my ggg-grandfather John Young also belonged. While they were living in Tipton there was a Freemason Lodge that was chartered in 1852. The Lodge building was destroyed in a fire in 1858. It is possible while in Tipton one or both of them was a Freemason.
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