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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My gg-grandmother, Florence Archer, was married several times. In her second marriage she married Thomas A. Wayne. In my research of them I found evidence of two Wayne children being buried in Eagle County, Colorado which was where they were living at that time. I felt pretty sure that they were Florence and Thomas's children. Recently I was able to get in contact with a researcher for Thomas A. Wayne. After verifying that we were both talking about the same people she mentioned that a family Bible had the names of Thomas's and Florence's children. Among the names were Harold and Maud. These had to be the names of the two Wayne children who were buried in Eagle County.
Thursday, September 20, 2007

John Edward Meader married Emma Young in Polk County, Iowa in 1869. I come to find out later that his was not the first marriage involving these two families. John Edward had a sister by the name of Martha who was a few years older than him. Emma's mother and father (John S. and Mary B.C. Young) had an aunt, Sarah Young, who married a Richard McClay and one of their sons was named James. In 1854 the Meader family and the McClay family traveled together with other families from Wayne County, Indiana to Polk County, Iowa. In 1862 in Polk County Martha married James. He was about 15 years older than she was. I believe the main reason Emma Young and her family moved to Polk County is because the McClays were living there. The map shows the locations of John S. Young's farm and the farm of James (J.Y.) McClay in Franklin Township, Polk County.
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is the tombstone for Jacob Israel Young, his wife, and two of his daughters. It is found in the Elwood (my hometown) Cemetery. I believe that he is the cousin of my ggg-grandparents John S. and Mary B.C. Young (all their fathers -Evan, Phineas, and Jacob- were brothers). It appears that the three brothers along with a sister (Sarah) were all living in Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana in the 1820's. Jacob married Rachel Pearsey and moved to Rush County. Sometime in the early 1850's Jacob Israel who was nearing twenty left his family to go live with John and Mary in Tipton County. Here he met Mariah Webbert whose family was one John and Mary's neighbors. They were married in 1854. After a few years in Hamilton County they returned to Tipton County where they became a permanent resident.
Thursday, September 06, 2007

This is a picture of the Snarum church in Modum, Buskerud, Norway. When my g-grandfather Erick Gunhus immigrated to the United States in 1849 he left his pregnant fiancee, Helene Hansdatter Glomme, in Norway. In December of 1849 she gave birth to a son who she named Hans. Hans was confirmed in the Snarum church in January, 1850. Mother and son left Norway for the United States in May, 1852. Once they were with Erick in Rice County, Minnesota Erick and Helene were married.
Saturday, September 01, 2007

The picture shows the Olberg/Krøderen Church where my gg-grandfather Erick Gunderson Gunhus was christened on March 23, 1828. At that time the family was living on the Redalen farm in Krødsherad, Buskerud, Norway. His family didn't move to the Gunhus farm until he was in his teens. It was from the Gunhus farm that the family immigrated to the United States in 1849.
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