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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My ggg-grandparents, John S. and Mary B.C. Young, had been living on a farm in Cicero Township, Tipton County, Indiana since sometime in 1850.  In April 1859, they decided to move into the town of Tipton.  A blacksmith who was living in Tipton at that time, Isaac Houser, decided he wanted to move his family into the country.  On April 8, 1859 John and Mary sold their farm to Isaac for $2000 and on April 21 Isaac sold three city lots to John and Mary for $1600.  Once in town John changed his profession from farmer to brickmaker.  John and Mary remained in Tipton until March 1861 when they left for Ringgold County, Iowa. 
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another one of my 6th Great Grandfathers is Hercules Young who lived in the same township (and close enough probably to be called a neighbor) to Thomas Carson from the previous entry.  I have been unable to find when Hercules died but I believe I have narrowed it down.  In 1783 on a tax rate (list) his name is mentioned (the picture) but his name isn't mentioned on the 1786 tax list but Silas Young and John Young are mentioned who are the names Hercules's two younger sons.  I believe that Hercules died sometime between 1783 and and 1786 and that his two younger sons, Silas and John, had taken over his farm which would account for why their names were on the 1786 tax list but not the 1783 tax list.
Sunday, March 15, 2009

Around 1760 one of my 6th Great Grandfathers, Thomas Carson, came by ship from Ulster, Ireland to the United States. According to sources the name of the ship was the Gale.  The picture is of a painting of the ship Gale arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1852.  I am assuming that this is the same ship that Thomas Carson emigrated on.
Friday, March 06, 2009

Between the mid to late 1840's to the mid or late 1850's my gggg-grandparents, Evan and Elizabeth Young, lived in Hamilton County, Indiana between the towns of Cicero and Boxley.  I believe now that I have pretty much determined the location of their farm.  If this is not correct the farm would definitely be in this area.  The black square represents where Evan's farm would have been located.  The blue square is where his daughter Anna C.B. and her husband Reuben Bennet's farm would have been located.  Elizabeth lived with Anna and Reuben from around 1859 to 1861. Next to (below) Evan's farm would have been his son James's farm.
Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Between November 8th and December 8th, 1773, three ships loaded with tea sailed into the Boston Harbor. They were the Dartmouth, the Eleanor, and the Beaver. These were the three ships that had their tea dumped into the Boston Harbor during the famous "Boston Tea Party." A passenger on one of these three ships was my ggggg-grandfather, John Sargood. His daughter Sarah married Phineas Young and their son was named after him, John Sargood Young. The picture shows information about him that was recorded in the Beersheba Church Book. This is the church where he was buried at and is located in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.
Sunday, March 01, 2009

In 1885 my gggg-grandfather Abner Fish (age 90) was living with his granddaughter, Clara Oberwetter, and her family in section two of Adams Township in Dallas County, Iowa.  Next to the Oberwetter family home was the home of William Fish, Abner's son and the father of Clara. Also in close proximity were the farms of two of William's sons, Edwin and Wilson.  The picture shows section two of Adams Township marked in black.  My guess is the that the Oberwetter home was in the lower half of section two.
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