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Friday, January 25, 2008

I know of at least three sets of twins that have been born to my ancestors. My gg-grandmother Florence Archer was a twin. Her twin brother was Clarence Marselles Archer and they were born April 16, 1864 in Medina County, Ohio. When my g-grandfather Nub Fredrickson was around eight and living in Norway his father Fredrick Ellingson had an affair that produced twins a boy and a girl. Ellis Young is the brother of my ggg-grandmother Mary B.C. Young. He and his first wife had twins, Isaac and Sarah, on October 7, 1862 in Hamilton County, Indiana. They both died the following year. The picture shows the their tombstones along with their mother tombstone. These are found in the Cicero Cemetery in Cicero, Hamilton County, Indiana.
Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sarah Scribner is one of my ggg-grandmothers. All that is known about her is what is mentioned in the paragraph in the picture. So I have tried to determine who her family was based on census records and any other records that I could find that might pertain to them. The only Scribner family that I have been able to find that lived in or near Henry County, Ohio during the early 1800's were Elisha and Nancy Scribner. These I believe to be Sarah's parents. They came from New York first to Williams County, Ohio and then in 1816 they settled in Henry County, Ohio. Elisha died before 1830 and Nancy died before 1840. Sarah had at least three brothers (Edwin, Henry, and Jonah) and one sister (Anna Eliza or Eliza Anna). Sarah was the youngest child. Her husband-to-be, Samuel Meader, had moved in with or came to visit his older brother David who had a farm in Lucas County close to where Sarah's older sister Eliza lived with her husband Osman Gunn. This is how I imagine Sarah and Samuel first meeting. When they married they bought or were given or maybe rented a farm next to her brother Edwin's farm in Henry County. Here they stayed until 1854 when they left for Iowa. I have been unable to find a Mose Pike, Ohio (where she was supposedly born) but in both Williams and Henry County there were towns known as Napoleon Pike. Since writing this I have been in touch with another Scribner researcher who pointed out that a more likely candidate for Sarah's father would be Elisha and Nancy's oldest son Henry. This makes more sense since at Sarah's birth Elisha and Nancy would have been the age of grandparents and not parents.
Monday, January 07, 2008

This is a google photograph of Boxley, Indiana. Its orgininal name was Boxleytown. The lot that I have put a square around is where my gggg-grandmother Elizabeth Young lived between 1860 and 1862. Sometime before 1860 her husband Evan Young had died. For the 1860 census she was living with her daughter and son-in-law outside of the town of Cicero. In 1862 she bought a farm near Boxleytown and then in 1864 she moved to Cicero where she lived the remaining four years of her life. She had two sons that joined the Union army in 1862. They both gave their residence as Boxleytown.
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