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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Whiskey Rebellion took place in 1794. The federal government had placed a ten-cent tax on every gallon of whiskey made. This hit the small farmer hard since whiskey making was quite common. To quell the uprising of farmers the government sent in a contingent of Militia. Washington County, Pennsylvania was at the center of this uprising. This is also where my gggg-grandfather James Young lived with his family. The question is how much was he involved in this if any? I will probably never know. The picture is of Washington County. James Young lived in Fallowfield Township.
Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lars Markuson Dyrdal (from the last entry) was not my only Norwegian ancestor that had leprosy. My gg-grandfather Kristen Bendixson Nistad (he Americanized his name to Christian Benson) also had it. They knew each other in that they went to the same church in Goodhue County, Minnesota and Kristen's daughter Ingeborg was married to Lar's brother Sjur (my g-grandfather). Whereas Lars probably wasn't aware of his leprosy until he was in America for several years Kristen was suffering from his for over a decade while still in Norway. He visited doctors and even traveled to Nordland from his home along the Sognefjord in hopes of finding a cure or at least a way to help treat it. Whereas Lars had only one other member of his family who also had leprosy (a nephew) Kristen had a brother, sister, and several grandfathers who suffered from it. The picture is Dr. Just Christian Grovold of Goodhue County who was considered an expert on leprosy. I imagine he would have treated both Lars and Kristen.
Sunday, September 21, 2008

My g-grandfather Sjur Markuson Dyrdal had a brother by the name of Lars that emigrated with him from Norway in 1854. In 1859 they each bought 160 acre farms in Goodhue County, Minnesota. Whether Lars was aware of it or not I don't know but he was carrying the bacteria that caused leprosy. The only health problems he was having was pain in his right shoulder and left hip which caused him to limp at times. It wasn't until the mid-1860's that the leprosy, which was brought on by a severe cold that he had caught while on a trip to St. Paul during the winter, started showing itself. I am assuming with the onset of his leprosy owning his own farm became to much a drain on his health and he sold it. In both the 1865 and 1870 census he is working as farm laborer on the Elling Olson farm in Wanamingo Township and in the 1875 state census he is working on the Hans Sande Marcuson farm also in Wanamingo Township. He died in 1878. He and Sjur were among the founding members of the Hauge Lutheran Church which was formed in 1861. The picture gives some addition information about Lars and the Hauge Church.
Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sjur Markusson Dyrdal (g-grandfather on my father's side) bought his farm from Jacob Dusenburg in 1859. The spelling of his last name on the 'land patent' was Marquasen. It appears that Jacob Dusenburg had received this land in Goodhue County, Minnesota for fighting in the War of 1812. On the same day Sjur's brother Lars also bought a 160 acre farm from Eunice Elliott who was the widow of Moses Elliott who had also received the land for fighting in the War of 1812. On the 'land patent' Lars's name had been Americanized to Louis Markus. The picture shows you the location of both Sjur and Lar's farms. Sjur's farm is surrounded by the red and Lar's farm is surrounded by the blue.
Monday, September 15, 2008

When my gg-grandfather Sjur Markuson Dyrdal emigrated to the United States in 1854 he came with his brother Lars and a friend by the name of Hermund Markusson Sande. Hermund had a brother by the name of Hans who had came over to America in 1852. I am assuming that when Sjur, Lars, and Hermund reached the United States they went to meet up with Hans. I was able to locate some bio information (picture) about Hans. It stated that Hans resided first in Dane County, Wisconsin and then for part of a year was in Boone County, Illinois and then later in 1856 he came to Goodhue County, Minnesota. I have no definite proof but again I am assuming that Sjur and Lars would have also been in Dane County for the latter part of 1854 and 1855 and then in Boone County in the first part of 1856 and then they along with Hans and Hermund traveled to Goodhue County later on in 1856.
Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chance plays a big part in family history. Chance is what brought my family from Albert-Lea, Minnesota to Elwood, Indiana. One Sunday in 1947 my parents were having dinner with Mom's parents and her Uncle Harald in Albert-Lea. Dad had been discharged from the service and was looking for a job at that time. Herald was an out-of-state regional manager for a monument company. Mom just making conversation asked Harald if he had or knew of any job openings. One thing led to another and days later Dad told Mom that he had a job selling monuments and they would be moving to Indiana. The reason they ended up in Elwood is that Harald picked Elwood because it was fairly close to where he and his family lived and also Harald had always for some reason liked the town. The picture shows me and my parents and the trailer our family lived in for the first four/five years we were in Elwood.
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