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Saturday, January 03, 2009

In the last entry I mentioned that my ggg-grandmother Mary Young had the unusual middle names of Burgess Carson. In referring to or signing her name she would use Mary B.C. Young. I thought that I would mention more about the Burgess and Carson names. The picture shows an ancestry chart for Mary Young through her g-grandparents. At the top of the chart is Thomas Carson (from Ulster County, Ireland) and his wife Mary Smith. They both were born in the early 1740's. They settled in Fallowfield Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. He died in 1816 and she must have preceded him since there is no mention of her in his will. Basil Burgess was born in Maryland in 1741 and died in 1786 also in Maryland. His wife Anne Smith died in 1803 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. After Basil died the family evidently traveled to Fayette County which is next to Washington County.
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Greetings, my name is Jay Fred Carson Jr. I am a 5th Great-Grandson of Thomas and Mary Carson of Followfield Township PA. I am the first generation in my line born outside Washington Co. PA. I was born and raised in Northern OH near Cedar Point. Ironically I have lived in Fort Wayne, IN since 1990, I say ironically because I see you are from IN.

You can find our family from Thomas and Mary down to my GGrandfathers generation listed on the DNA family project web site, there are 1,302 decedents listed down to my GGrandfathers Generation. We are listed as C3 on this site.

If you search around this site you will find our DNA strain is I2b1. This is also ironic for you being Noreign because the surname Carson is originally Scotch migrating to Ireland. Going back farther there are two major DNA strains of Scotch/Irish Carson's, one strain to the Scottish Clan's, Specifically the Clan of McPherson(sp).

The other strain goes back to the Nordic Viking invasions of Northern Ireland near and around the City of Ulster from approximately 1050-1100 AD.

The web site I provided shows Thomas Carson is a descendent of the Nordic Viking/Scotch line of Carson.

Other Family Info for your record.

Thomas Carson (approx 1740-1816) sailed from Ulster Ireland around the year 1760 on a ship named the "Gale", he sailed with two brothers whose names are not known and a sister Elizabeth Carson, they landed in Philadelphia and it is believed all traveled and settled in the Washington Co., PA area. Thomas met Mary Smith in the area and they wed, we have no record that she was from Ireland as your blog states but we do know she did not travel to the US with Thomas. They had 9 children that lived to adult hood and are mentioned in the will of Thomas Carson. Thomas was also a Revolutionary War Soldier as a private in the PA infantry and is listed in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Bicentennial Addition in Vol 3 page 102 or 103. Thomas also has 2 land listing in the PA land Registry.

Thomas and Mary Smith Carson are buried in unmarked, specifically unknown graves along the fence line of his farm. Also his Son Thomas Carson Jr and Wife Mary Gibson are buried in the same area.

A grandson Thomas Gibson Carson and other decedents are buried in a cemetery that also bordered that original Carson Family Farm. The Cemetery is Maple Creek and is still active, in Fallowfield Township, Bentleyville, PA. Just off Interstate 70 the first Charleroi exit after Bentleyville going east. Maple Creek is to the South East of I70 and over looks the highway. Thomas Gibson is in the northeast corner with a stone that rises approximately 3 inches is maybe 6 inches by 15 and marked T.G. Carson with dates. There are more than 100 Carson buried there including my family down to my Grandparents.

Anyway, according to what I read in your information I would be a fifth cousin six times removed to you.

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